A friend once told me “Never say no to your art”.  I paused and thought they had said “heart” but quickly realized how similar the two are for me.   I truly love what I do.  From national magazine covers/articles to head shots and all points in between… I couldn’t imagine not doing this.

I want to create a fun image or, at the very least, an atypical swerve to a recognizable theme; something that is both intriguing to look at, and that makes you want to look again. There are only so many over-the-shoulder bikini shots or earnest gazes into the abyss an industry can endure.  Both have their place, but should still be personal in some way to those on either side of the lens.  Without that connection, there can be no art.

Being an Artist should be a journey, not a destination.  Here are some images I have created during my journey with the help of some extraordinarily talented people.

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